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About Me

Up Close & Personal

I fell in love with fashion when I was a child. My first fashion icon was the late Aaliyah. Influenced by 90's hip hop & R&B, I would sneak to watch music videos of my favorite artists. I loved the fashion I saw in the music videos and t.v. shows of the time. I started collecting fashion catalogues and would sketch my own designs. As I grew older,  I started styling my younger sister for fun. 

One of my favorite shows was America's Next Top Model, and my favorite part was when the contestants had photo shoot challenges. It was a dream of mine to be the one on set being a creative director and styling the models for commercial & editorial shoots. Honestly, I thought I had to relocate to New York or Los Angeles to make my dream a reality. I'm so fortunate & blessed to finally be able to live my dream. Styling is something I genuinely love to do and I look forward to sharing my passion with you!

Want to shop some of the looks I've used in past shoots? Check out my shop at Elva Mae Boutique.

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